Call for Papers

Put your money where your mouth is and submit your sessions by June 30 to be considered as a speaker.

No sales pitches, no bull, just real life stories of how you screwed-up, learned from it, and turned it to your advantage. Inspire people with a behind-the-scenes look at how you got things done, the results you achieved, and the challenges you overcame. Be transparent and get down and dirty with the numbers, facts, and results to present the deep insights of the project.


Only the best will make it! Wow the audience and be remembered!

  • Inspire me! Reflect the 404 idea of reaching success through overcoming failures
  • Get Specific! Show me the insights of projects. I want to see it all
  • Better Together! Bring your client along to share the spotlight
  • Be a Hero! Include practical tips your audience can put to use
  • Open Up! Don't hide anything, the audience will know ;)


How does your presentation reflect the 404 concept and the lessons taken from it?